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My name is Candace Sorensen and I warmly welcome you here.  As a purpose guide, I offer deep explorations into meaning, purpose, and developing wholeness. 


Do you have strengths and talents that you feel could be expressed in a deeper way?  And are you open to new ideas and ways of understanding yourself? 

Are you curious and enjoy learning but feel that you have somehow left parts of yourself behind or not developed in ways you hoped when you were younger? 

Would you like to have an impact in the world, but are uncertain what the best way is to use your time and energy? 

Are you ready to shed some old ways of being and living life and to step into a more authentic version of yourself?

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A Journey to


Your purpose is the particular path you are meant to live in the world.  It may include the gifts you were born with that live within you, your distinctive essence, your vision of what is important, and your soul’s unique calling.

Purpose encompasses who you are at the deepest level, and is not simply a vocation that you engage in.  When you live your purpose, you naturally impact the world around you.  Purpose is found in the small as well as bold actions.

Some people are clear about what their purpose is from a young age, but for many individuals, it takes careful attention and awareness to uncover their place in the world.  Finding and living purpose gives meaning and vitality to our actions and relationships.

Diving in the Reef

“Find out who you are, and then do it on purpose.”  

— Robert Frost


Purpose Guiding is a process in which you will work closely with a guide to help you uncover your deepest truth and to express the unique guiding force that you hold within you. Purpose guiding utilizes well established methods of deep transformation such as self-inquiry, creative expression, meditation, journaling, and other soul-encounter practices to establish relationship with the part of you that knows your purpose.  It is a process of discovering your deepest nature (on a soul level) and allowing the truth of who you are to emerge and to inform your actions and direction in life.  In working with a Purpose Guide, you will receive support in identifying and understanding the resistances and blocks that keep you from unfolding as your most aligned and powerful self.


Purpose Guiding is different than traditional therapy or life coaching in that it does not seek to fix problems or help you adjust to difficult life circumstances.  Instead, Purpose Guiding assists you in discovering the deep wisdom that you already hold within you, working through the barriers to this knowledge, and growing into this identity.  Purpose Guiding helps to support your sense of wholeness by allowing you to re-connect with lost or under-developed aspects of yourself.

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“The Universe is saying: ‘Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen.’” 

— Klaus Joehle


  • I work with individuals one-on-one and in small groups to feel more intimately connected to their inherent talents, deepest values, creative abilities, sense of vitality, and soul-level identity.

  •  An important part of this process is helping individuals to look at the resistances and obstacles that keep these precious parts of themselves hidden away.  Examples of these obstacles may include the critical voice that says:

    “It’s too late to make changes in my life.”
    “I’m too old to uncover something new about myself.”
    “I can’t live authentically and be connected to my friends and family.”

  • In purpose guiding, I provide a space for self-inquiry and exploration, guide meditation, support creative expression, help you to integrate reflection from others, and deepen connection to the natural world.

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"There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them."

— Charles D. Gill

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